We are sisters! We live in Boise, Idaho… Colleen and her husband are legit ranchers in Idaho. Life is exciting on the ranch, open lands, chickens and cows. It’s a fun place for adventures. Which is why we choose to donate a portion of our proceeds to The Farm Aid

Colleen and I are always matching… Whenever we see each other for the weekend or holidays we seem to always have the same outfit on.  One day I called Colleen and said “Hey! Why don’t we start our own boutique?” We  absolutely love looking cute and feeling good and we wanted to share that with everyone else too!!

That’s how Juniper & Blue was born. We truly believe that if you look good it helps to feel good on the inside… that’s why we want to change the world one outfit at a time!

Juniper & Blue is known for statement-making, uber-trendy pieces and expert service. J&B is the shopping destination for anyone who loves to turn heads at the party.