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Are you tired of exploring countless boutique websites in search of the perfect look for different seasons, and still not being able to acquire trendy and cute, high-quality outfits at affordable prices? We know the perfect solution to your troubles. Juniper & Blue boutique is one of the Best clothing boutiques in Boise ID, that is a perfect one-stop-shop for all your fashion desires. We sell everything that a woman needs to complete her outfit look for all occasions. From trendy jewelry to statement bags, from chic tops to classy dresses, from loungewear to swimwear, from stylish bottoms to cute pair of shoes to complete your outfit look, you can find it all on our Trending Boise clothing stores.

Season to season, we come up with new designs that go with the latest trends and are super comfortable to wear! keeping you at the top of your fashion game, and making you feel comfortable, loved, and fashionable at the same time.

A comparison of the most sought after summer and spring looks at our Best online boutique:

Summer Looks:

Summers are all about keeping it comfortable, casual, and shining bright like the sun. Our summer looks are feature light accessories, soft swimwear and loungewear, bright tops, and cute bottoms so that you can make a fashion statement and feel fresh at the same time with our chic and casual outfits. Our summer looks are the talk of the town these days and are selling out super-fast. Our looks make you shine bright and add an element of fun and comfort to your attire without giving a trying too hard impression. Like our Sunday Dress, in soft-peach/rose color that combines the trend of playful sleeves, and a chic collar, with a very light, textured fabric to make heads turn wherever you go! This dress is only available for $55 and only a few pieces are left for sale:

Pair this dress with our popular serpent sandals and get the perfect summer look, with an added 3 inches of block heel, so that you do not have to compromise on either, comfort or style:

Our summer outfits are not just weather-friendly, they are also pocket-friendly! So purchase your favorites before they run out of stock.

Spring Looks:

While our summer looks are all about keeping it light and breezy, with just a bit of pop, our spring looks are vibrant, popping, and bold to make you feel refreshed and at the top of your game. Our spring looks are all about being chic, and head-turning, that make you feel bold, confident, and an ultimate boss lady! Our sublime dress with bright colors and a delicate neck and back design is a very popular maxi design that is up for grabs at our Boise clothing store online:

Contact us: Visit our Best women’s clothes in Boise Idaho, and get the perfect look for every season. Shop now and receive free shipping on all orders over $75!:


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